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Asset Mapping Services

An up to date spatial register of trackside and trackbed assets is key for decision making by the following stakeholders:

  • Civil and Structures
  • Signalling and Communications
  • Asset Strategy and Planning
  • Operations
  • Track and Design

An asset data mapping exercise typically includes:

  • A map of the rail corridor and assets at the required accuracies
  • Outputs compatible with CAD, ArcGIS, MicroStation, KML and CSV formats
  • Photogrammetry for the surveyed areas
  • Georeferenced point clouds to check the location and to mine additional information
  • Validation of location accuracy using ground control points
  • Estimation of location accuracies

Main components of Zetica’s RASC® integrated above- and below-ground asset mapping system include:

  • ZRL200 – a mobile terrestrial laser scanner (MTLS) system built around a 360o 200 Hz laser for accurate mapping of trackside assets and extraction of the track centreline and additionally ballast volume, track drainage and structure clearance measurements
  • ZR-ASC – a multi-camera area scan system for providing meta-data to identify assets with the point clouds and additionally for desktop inspection using Zetica’s RASC Viewer
  • INS – an inertial navigation system for accurate georeferencing of all the above-mentioned mapping systems and additionally qualitative mapping of rough track sections
  • ZRC-LS2.4 – a multi-linescan camera system for accurately mapping trackbed components such as turnouts and additionally surface mud spots plus sleeper spacing and orientation
  • ZARR – a GPR system for redundancy in mapping track components such as road crossings, bridges, culverts and turnouts and identifying trackbed condition such as formation layers and as ballast fouling to assist with maintenance planning
  • All systems interfaced with a distance measuring instrument (DMI) and dual frequency dGPS systems to facilitate location.